How to Change BBM Notification Tone

How to Change BBM Notification Tone - Tired of the tone BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) that's it? You can replace it with an attractive tone. Actually, in the application of BBM also has provided several options notification tone, but often users still was not satisfied and wanted to replace it with another tone.

Unfortunately, in the application of BBM, there is no menu to browse or have other than the tone of the tone that has been provided by the BlackBerry. But that does not mean you can not add another ringtone into the application of BBM. Because there are some simple ways you can do to add an external tone to the application of BBM.

For you who are curious and want to know how to change the tone of BBM with an external tone or song, just see good reviews from the following Digi Logi Blog.

First please download the tone or ringtone you want to use as BBM notification tone. You also can use the notes that are already available on smartphones.

Trick to Change BBM Notification Tone

  1.     When the tone is ready, open the file manager or explorer
  2.     Find the download folder or folders where there is a ring tone that you are prepared to change the tone of BBM
  3.     After that copy the ringtone file earlier. How to copy it simply by click and hold the file for a few seconds, and select copy or copy
  4.     Copy the ringtone file into the folder sdcard> notifications
  5.     After successfully copied ringtone file, then open the BBM app
  6.     Next go to the settings menu or settings in BBM
  7.     Scroll down until you find the menu tone or ringtone
  8.     Click on the menu, and find the appropriate tone in a tone that you have entered into prior notifications folder

Well, up here you can enjoy a new notification tone to your liking. Try waiting until there is a BBM incoming messages and see the results. Or or it could try to test it by borrowing a friend and PING smartphone to your BBM contacts.

As information that you can use tones that have extensions vary, ranging from .mp3 to .wav up. If you want to change the tone in a tone that other new, the same way as has been mentioned earlier.

Just prepare a new tone, enter into notifications folder, and setting the tone you want to use in the BBM arrangement. How easy is not it? Good luck tips on how to change the tone of the BBM earlier, and good luck. Remember keep doing step-step we have shared earlier with caution.

Information so that we can share this time. Hopefully, this information may be useful and inspire you all. Share this information if you deem helpful. See you on the reviews that are not less interesting than Digi Logi Blog.


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