Download Minecraft For PC (Windows/XP/7/8/10) and Mac Laptop

The indie game Minecraft is THE surprise hit of recent years. This small program from the Swedish developer Markus "Notch" Person has developed into an impressive mass phenomenon that has long dominated its own games culture.

Minecraft is a mix of structural and Survival game to which since the Adventure Update also associated share RPG elements are still added. The player decides how he wants to play: build houses, cities or entire structures or adventure in the pixel world. Depending on the mode, it is necessary to sleep, to eat and to fend off various monsters. Also, animals are kept and plants are grown, cases are built for nocturnal monster attacks and more for sedentary Mine Crafter.
General makes the crafting aspect in Minecraft a very big role. So you are at the beginning of a game completely unarmed and without equipment and must cut down trees for your first resource with the bare hand edge. It will then Stoker therefrom in turn with some stones, the first crude tools.

Download Minecraft for PC: unparalleled A surprise hit

The surprise hit of 2011 came not, as might be expected from one of the mega-seller games corporations from the US, but from a two-man indie studio in Sweden. After Markus Person and Jakob porser had knocked out a job offer in innovation guarantors Valve, we founded the team Mojang and went with her first work Minecraft to the public. That was the start of a phenomenon.
Minecraft is an open-world role-playing game in which players from different game modes and a single or multiplayer part can choose. Unlike other games of the genre, which are controlled as in Minecraft from a first person perspective, there is in Minecraft no predetermined story line. Rather, the player invents its own randomly generated game world has its own story and designed it themselves.

For this, different gameplay elements available, of which certainly the sandbox principle had the largest share of success Mine Crafts. The player can with his hands mine raw materials such as earth, wood and other and be produced using a sophisticated crafting system tools, weapons, food and components of buildings.

Minecraft has various game modes that allow players to discover the vastness of the Minecraft world in many different ways and explore.

The Survival Mode offers an RPG-adventure in which you will exposed as a player in the wilderness, and you have to prevail depending on the difficulty against all kinds of monsters and dangers. For this you create you tools and weapons from the materials that you can find and degrades and builds you the night off to a shelter. Because once the sun goes down, join zombies, skeletons, spiders and the highly explosive Creeper to the surface and seek your life.

With self-crafted weapons it comes the bad monsters then either to the leather or you holed up in his fortress. Since the Adventure update of Minecraft a system for experience points also was introduced, grant experience to the defeated enemy.

If there are not the monsters that one try to kill the player in survival mode but may be in a different way of life. Falls into the many holes, lava, drowning and the continuous fight against hunger want to be mastered.

  • The Hardcore mode is a strengthened version of the survival mode and provides the highest degree of difficulty. Here the player may only once come to death, so that the game is terminated. A challenge beyond compare.
  •      The creative mode gives the player a whole range of blocks on hand that it can block as desired. The wildest of art, buildings and pictures are created. In this mode, it is not about to create their own objects and have adventures. Here is the living out of the creativity in the foreground.

More than just a game

The great success of the game is sometimes also to a large extent on the involvement of the community in the ongoing development of the game. So it is possible on the website of Mojang, Minecraft free to play (the so-called Minecraft Classic). But the modding scene was recorded welcome by the developers and so more and more mods are now through the many updates incorporated into the game, who designed the game experience even more extensive.

Also Lets players such as Gronkh fought for awareness Mine Crafts and so it is not surprising that it is responsible in large part for the success of it, started Indie Game shaft.

Since Minecraft release the genre of indie games has seen some great games that would probably without the rapid breakthrough of the game not found mention. Also, the console market has recognized the potential and there are now also a Minecraft for the Xbox and Minecraft Pocket Edition as an app for smartphones and tablets.



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