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It is a little bit confusing with Mojangs update policy. In September 2011, we waited Minecraft player longingly at the Minecraft 1.9 Adventure Update, which should complete the major content patch for 1.8. Today it is the next major update, which will include but not quite as many new features as before, but is still much-awaited. Here you can find the current information on Minecraft 1.9.

From pre-version 1.9 now some innovations to Minecraft went hand in hand, which let us hope that Mojang is ready again keep some treats for all hobby farmers and survivors.

Minecraft 1.9: Overview of the features

In addition to large-scale fixes that "What is there new in Update 1.9" can you see our products in detail, there will be some adjustments to the system for modders and plugin creators. Accordingly, new command instructions can be implemented that can be saved also better.

One of the Content-lastigsten changes is a revision of the bosses, above all of Ender Dragons be, of the boss fight now significantly more to resemble the from the console version. In addition, the Ender Dragon should now respawn, without the "The End" needs to be reset.

New implementations are not yet known, but "squeezed dirt paths" has been spotted in screenshots. These are similar to the Grass texture be a 15/16 block and so can be used to create a form more beautiful way.

Dinnerbone announced on Twitter that he was working on his left arm for the first-person perspective in 1.9. Thus, one could change his main hand, but no swing dual wield

When comes Minecraft 1.9?

To date there is no firm release date for Minecraft 1.9. The first snapshot and the pre-version are already in circulation, but can not have any major conclusions on the publication or additional features.

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