{How to} Increase Download Speed in IDM Using Proxy

4 Ways to Accelerate IDM Become Super Fast:  Setting is not too hard before you commit to setting for fast download IDM so you can try out the easiest way to speed up the download is to speed up internet connection. Some tutorials that you can try is:

     2 Latest Trick Speed Up Internet Connection Using Cmd
      4 Ways to Accelerate Internet Connection Wifi & Speedy

If you like tricks over the internet you can then try to set IDM so faster downloads. I will immediately share 4 ways setting I'm super fast.


 Ways to Accelerate IDM Become Super Fast

how to accelerate the download IDM with Regedit

A few steps below:
1. open programs run through by pressing Windows key + R and then fill in Regedit click ok.

2. specify HKEY_CURRENT_USER-Software-Download Manager

3. witnessed find the right tab-Speed connection

4. Right-click and then specify Modify

5. fill in the number 99,999,999

6. then click ok and exit the Registry Editor
how to speed up the download IDM with software.

     Please Download IDM OPTIMATION with free and legal way here
     After that, you install the program and do
     Then click OptimizeIDM!

Setting #How to Accelerate Downloads IDM

     Make / open IDM Software
     Then Open Menu download-options
     specify the Connection tab and then on the Connection speed changing so Lan 10 MBs
Default max. number 16 locker so click ok
It is a way to 4 to accelerate IDM namely use proxy
how to accelerate the download IDM with proxy  

1. Open hide my ass sites.
2. Select the IP: Port Proxies
3. LOW check the label on any part of Anonymity level, speed, and time and click Update Connection Result.
4. After that, you will see a list / register all proxy and port in the world.
5. Copy and paste in your IDM.
6. Eternal IDM - Downloads - Options - Proxy / Socks, Check In Proxy Server Address and port HTTP, https, FTP, and click OK.


This trick is likely to fail because of a miraculous proxy and the post every country is different.
Try to replace it with another one such as the countries of Latin America because there fast proxy
Some proxy may take time to see results

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