How to Easily Unlock Huawei Modem/WiFi 4G BOLT E5372s 100% WORK

How to Unlock Huawei Modem 4G E5372s Bolt - Bolt 4G Huawei E5372s is a portable modem that is predicted presents super fast internet speeds. Bolt vendor Huawei modem production They state that has a broadband connection speed is 10 times the speed of regular provider. But unfortunately, the signal from the modem has not achieved many cities in Indonesia, so that maximum use can not. But then, you do not need to worry too much, we can still use the way unlock Bolt 4G modem Huawei E5372s to be used in conjunction with various types of operator cards.

 How to Easily Unlock Huawei Modem 4G

A. Preparation

To start the modem Bolt unlocks this, there are some things you should be prepared so that every phase runs smoothly. Among them you have to set is disable firewall and antivirus, remove another modem installed on your device and activate the model Bolt 4G Huawei E5372s itself. In addition, this new tutorial was tested on Windows OS 7 and higher, so the version of Windows ever before may be experiencing a different problem. You'll also need a special Firmware Bolt E5372s which can be downloaded from the link below.

Download Firmware Huawei E5372s:

B. Install Driver

  1. Surely that E5372s Huawei modem is detected by the device, you'll need to install drivers especially first. How, connect a device to your laptop PC or up modem switched on.
  2. Log into My Computer or This PC, then clicks CD Driver Bolt! 4G E5372s.
  3. Usually, the device will open a dialog box setup wizard for installation. However, it is possible you have to activate it via the admin mode. You do this by right-clicking on the driver CD, then click "Run as administrator".
  4. Click Next to appear to check the "Ready to use" on all files.

C. Unlock Bolt modem Huawei E5372s

  1. Previously you have to prepare a special firmware E5372s Huawei models. Then run the firmware with a right click> "Run as administrator".
  2. Update dialog box will appear Wizard - Firmware. You just have to select the phrase "A accept the agreement", then click "Start".
  3. Later firmware will search for and detect your modem Bolt. The sign will appear loading updating for reform. If completed, a notification will appear "Update successfully".
  4. So far the modem you are already in unlock mode. Next you just need to try to use another operator card. Also, do the test speed until you can be sure that the speed of the modem Huawei E5372s Bolt is not restricted.
  5. How to Unlock Huawei Modem E5372s Bolt 4G can also be used for other E5372s Huawei versions, such as Bolt and Bolt Max Slim.

So how to unlock Bolt 4G modem Huawei E5372s. May be useful.


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