{Easy} How to Lock BBM Android Applications

How to Lock Android Application Easy BBM - BlackBerry Messenger aka BBM today has become one of the applications shall be possessed by smartphone users. Because the majority of smartphone users are now starting to leave the conventional SMS features and prefer instant messenger applications such as BBM and Whatsapp.

Many smartphone users prefer communication with the BBM rather than SMS. Plus now BBM app already has a feature called BBM voice, which may soon be shifting the functions of a conventional telephone with a pulse. Because of the importance of BBM, many smartphone users tried to protect him from the hands of ignorant.

Because usually a lot of friends who idly open BBM to read the conversations that we have done with other people. Other than that not a few friends who like to hijack BBM status. Hence, why we have to lock the BBM so as not bullied others.

On this auspicious occasion, Digi Logi Blog will invite you all to see a little bit of information on how to lock the BBM app on Android. For you who are curious and want to know how just see good reviews Digi Logi Blog below.


How to Lock BBM with Leo Privacy Guard

  1. First please download the application Leo Privacy Guard. You can download it directly through the Google Play Store for free
  2. After that install and run the application Leo Privacy Guard
  3. Next create the key pattern that you will use to open and lock the application of BBM. Try you continue to memorize the key pattern. Create a pattern of at least 4 point
  4. After that create a security question as well. This question function to recover the password when you completely forgot pattern lock
  5. After that go to the page App Lock
  6. Find the app you want to lock, namely BBM
  7. Click the Lock button, and out of the app
  8. Up here the application of BBM you've locked with a password that you created earlier.

How to Lock BBM with Privacy Lock

  1.     First please download Privacy Lock app
  2.     Next install and run the application Privacy Lock
  3.     Then select the App lock or padlock image on the page Privacy Lock
  4.     After you select it, it will display a series of applications on the screen
  5.     Select the application of BBM
  6.     Furthermore, setting the password you want. Try to create a password that is easy to remember
  7.     Do not forget to create a security question that will be valid if you really forget the password
  8.     If so, exit the application and try to open the BBM. Then automatically the application will ask for a password.
How, very easy right? That way not only can be used to lock the BBM on Android but can also be used to lock other applications. Comment below so that we can say, and I'll see you in an interesting review of the next digi logi blog.


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