How to Backup/Restore BBM Contacts Easy

How to Backup/Restore BBM Contacts Easy - BlackBerry Messenger aka BBM Apps application is one of the most phenomenal today. This application is not only widely used by BlackBerry smartphone users, but also Android, iOS, and Windows Phone.

BBM app user growth have improved dramatically since the release of this messenger applications to several platforms other than BlackBerry. Whereas previously these applications exclusively available only for BlackBerry devices only. Now even the prestige of the BlackBerry smartphone is getting dimmer.

Oh yeah, speaking of BlackBerry Messenger aka BBM application, surely you all will recognize the name PIN. PIN is a user identification code as well as the BBM contact HP. By knowing the PIN BBM others, then you can make a BBM chat with the person.

BBM PIN will be stored automatically when the BBM menu invites the PIN to get into the contact list. But with the proviso that invite also to be confirmed by other users. As well as a list of contacts, BBM PIN nature is also important and must be secured.

Now, the question is how to backup BBM contact if we want to change the smartphone, for example. The answer is very easy. And on this occasion, Digi Logi Blog'll share a few tips on the easiest way to backup BBM contacts. Curious? Listen directly following review.

How to Backup/Restore BBM Contacts Easy

  1.     First of all, of course, open your BBM app
  2.     After that swipe the screen from left to right
  3.     Furthermore, we will see several options menu, click on Settings
  4.     Well, in the view of most of these settings are BBID or BlackBerry ID. Remember well your account BBID consisting of email and password
  5.     Use it to login BBID BBM on other devices. BBM contacts will automatically be moved to a new device that you use.
Well, easy is not it? Keep in mind the actual application of BBM has contact backup feature automatically. So you need not worry your BBM contact is lost. Provided that you always remember the BlackBerry account ID or BBID. With these accounts, you can use the BBM app on any device with a contact stored in the account.

This is arguably a smart breakthrough conducted by BlackBerry because users do not have to do a manual backup restore other applications like if we want to move from one mobile device to another. Just enter your email address and password, all contact has been displaced perfect.
 Hopefully, this information may be useful for all of us. Do not forget to continue to monitor the site Digi Logi Blog, because there will be information about the tips and tricks that not less cool gadgets and affection if neglected. See you at the next opportunity.


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