How to Make Your Own Custom BBM PIN Easy

How to Make Your Own Custom Easy PIN BBM - BlackBerry Messenger shortened to 'BBM' issue a new feature, PIN customization feature where you can now change your BBM PIN unlimited accounts with numbers but also with any letter. To put it simply we can buy beautiful than BBM PIN. As we know during our BBM user can not even choose a PIN and when you create an account Blackberry Messenger then automatically assigned a default PIN that consists of a combination of numbers and letters (digits 0 to 9 and the letters A to F). BBM PIN is also generally limited to the number and prefix definite example prefix number 2 for GSM users, while the prefix 3 BB to BB users CDMA or prefix 7 to 5 for android users.

This time by purchasing custom PIN feature, you can put any letter as you like even character (_) 'underscore and (-) dash. For a number of characters, we can make PIN of 6-8 characters. You can load all the letters and all the numbers or combinations of numbers and letters. Well, then how the hell do I make it?

How to Make Your Own Custom BBM PIN

To make his own way was not too difficult. You simply subscribe custom BBM PIN only. How much it costs? The price is now only $ 1.99 or about 133.64 inr per month. How to payment? For payment, you can use a credit card.

Preparation before custom BBM PIN:

First make sure you are the first devices running the updated BBM app (Customisation BBM currently available for Android OS, BlackBerry 10 and iOS already followed)

1. First you Open the first application of BBM
2. Then select BBM Shop
3. Scroll to the bottom to subscribe behavior are Custom PIN press Subscribe.
4. Now you Create own PIN.

or the other way is

1. First you first open your BBM Profile
2. Then you press the Customize My PIN (located at the bottom of your PIN)
Here are tips to make yourself beautiful PIN:

    You can choose a PIN of your nickname, alias name, brand name or the name of your slang.
    Make sure the PIN is correct character length:

Your PIN should consist of:

1. Having 6 to 8 characters
2. Can contain letters, numbers or a combination of both

Updating Subscriptions Custom PIN:

Regarding the renewal custom BBM PIN subscribe differ for each device. First make sure you've subscribed Custom PIN BBM to keep the name that you created

  •     For users of Android smartphones and BlackBerry 10 then the renewal of the subscription will be automatically deducted each month.
  •     While for users of iOS then you receive a reminder for each month for your custom PIN Renewal. Users can extend the first without waiting for the notification of renewal.

Custom Apabala BBM PIN that you do not renew, then you can no longer use the PIN that you choose. And PIN will also be available to other people and you will automatically default to the default PIN.

If Decides To End Custom Subscription BBM PIN

Well if you decide to unsubscribe you can manage your account on Subsribction elements as follows:

  1.     For users of BlackBerry 10 smartphone you get into the BlackBerry World app, then select My World and please your BBM PIN manage subscriptions there.
  2.     Meanwhile, for users of the Android OS, you need to log in to Google Wallet to manage your BBM PIN Subscriptions.
  3.     For iOS users each month you will receive a reminder of whether you will extend or not.
  4.     For how payment through Mobile Operator, you will also receive SMS contents if you will extend or not each month.

May be useful.


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