Trick to Set BBM Profile Picture Without Cropping

How to Set BBM Profile Picture Without Cropping - BBM, or BlackBerry Messenger is one of the most popular chat applications in the world. Function, as well as his extensive network, makes the BBM is still used by many people as compared to applications like. Nevertheless for the layman sometimes there are arrangements that are difficult to overcome. One of them is a photograph of a truncated DP. To that end, the discussion, this time, you will be invited to find out how to order photo tip DP BBM cut easily and quickly.

  1. First open your device first. Then open the photo that you want to make DP BBM later.
  2.     If it is opened, for example, in gallery folder, you can take pictures of the photo by clicking the screenshot. How do screenshots can be different depending on what your device.
  3.     After the screenshot is drawn, you can store it anywhere.
  4.     Until here now you just need to open the BBM app on the device. Furthermore, earlier screenshot uploads a photo to serve as your BBM DP.
  5.     Later, at the time of the selection of photos will not be cut at all, because the other part of the screenshot be selected.

How to Set BBM Profile Picture Without Cropping

  1.     First you must download the application you can get in the Google Play Store.
  2.     Next do the application's installation as usual.
  3.     Now open the app Profile w / o Cropping for BBM, then consider the unique interface of the application.
  4.     You will find a few buttons on the bottom and white box at the top.
  5.     Press the left button with a picture of a mountain to upload photos. Click, and select a photo or image which you want to make later on DP (display picture) BBM.
  6.     If it had been later application will display the photo in the middle.
  7.     Up here you can do the editing yourself very easily. For example, the third button you can do cropping as desired, the next button you can rotate and next button again when editing text. In addition, there are two buttons that you can click to take pictures directly using a camera.
  8.     If the settings you've done, you can simply click the rightmost button.
  9.     Later you will be taken straight to get into the application of BBM. After that, you only need to upload the photos in question to be used as BBM DP.

Full application using BBM DP

  1.     As the second way, you must first sign in to the Google Play Store for downloading the application.
  2.     If you have, install, and open the application.
  3.     At first look, you will see a brief instruction and two buttons, Camera, and Gallery.
  4.     Select Camera to take a photo with the camera directly. Choose your Gallery to take pictures of your memory that have previously been stored in the device.
  5.     After the selected photo will be automatically re-size or replace its size to fit the BBM. You can also change the background color.
  6.     Continue to save the image and upload it to the BBM to be used as a DP.

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