Remove Shortcut Autorun Virus From Windows PC

How to Remove Shortcut Autorun Virus From Windows PC? Certainly very annoying if the laptop error caused by a virus. There are several ways to remove the shortcut autorun virus from Windows XP, 7, 8 or 8.1, and for that all you need is to follow the steps I provide here to remove the virus completely from your PC. Be careful because this virus can do the worst possible damage to your system and if you know the worst damage is to replace the hard disk would be the only solution. So take action before something bad happens to your computer.

How To Remove Shortcut Autorun Virus From Windows PC

First of all I will explain what Autorun Virus.

Autorun.inf file to start automatically each time you insert a drive such as a USB stick or a compact disk (CD / DVD).
so when a file is replaced with the coding which when activated, can disable your antivirus and run another virus program from flash or CD without having to know at all.

Currently there are shortcut autorun virus recently that will make the flash file into a file shortcut. Well I will explain to you how to disable the virus:

  1.     Disable the autoplay function on your system.
  2.     Install an updated antivirus program.


  1.     Run open by pressing Win + R, then type gpedit.msc and press Enter.
  2.     In the Local Group Policy Editor go to: Computer Configuration> Administrative Templates> Windows Components.
  3.     Search Policies Autoplay option and select Turn off AutoPlay opened.
  4.     Click the Enabled button and select All drives of choice and apply.

  1.     Disable Autorun
  2.     Install Antivirus !!!!!
  3.     Before opening any drive, scan it with antivirus famous (like Microsoft Security Essentials).
  4.     If you want to open it without scanning or if you do not have an antivirus installed (Not Recommended), and then do the following:
  •     Open My Computer
  •     Go to Tools -> Folder Options
  •     Go to the View tab -> Cancel "Hide Extensions for Known File Types'
  •     Then select the necessary drive, right-click -> EXPLORE. Do not double-click to open the drive. This will enable the autorun file and activate the virus ....
  •     Some files can contain double extension such as 'xxx.doc.exe' with Icon Document. They must virus. and delete it.

1. Launch the RUN dialog box, and then type cmd.
2. At the command prompt type the following commands one by one

    attrib -s -h -r /s/dg:*.*

replace g with the name of your usb drive way.

Description :
Here h show hidden files, r is to simply read the file and s to the system. -s -h -r is used to get them to remove those properties. / S is to process all the files and / d is to process all the folders as well. *. * Shows all files with any extension.

You simply change the letter g for usb drive letter and run the above command, and then run the following command:

  •     the name of the drive: \\ del autorun.inf
  •     the name of the drive: \\ del * .lnk

 - Rename the drive letter of your USB drive.

3. Always have an antivirus installed and updated regularly. I myself use Microsoft Security Essentials and it has been very powerful to make my laptop always safe from malicious virus attacks. Much more powerful antivirus available on the internet for free and prevent your system from viruses. 

If you still can not Remove Shortcut Autorun Virus From Windows PC completely? please leave a message in the comments section.


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