Easy Ways To logout from BBM on Android

How the heck do I put out my BBM account, so that I could go with BlackBerry account Messenger else? Solution Log Out BBM ID account on android smartphone. It is a problem that is often encountered in many applications, including my close friends who have problems as simple as that. However you do not need to worry because here I will give a complete and easy tutorial guide on how logout ID BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) BB for Android.

In essence the owner BlackBerry media social networking applications are currently very popular is the BlackBerry Messenger, or BBM known as this does not provide a feature to logout or remove our account. No wonder so many of its users who feel confused if they want to go in and change the setting their other accounts. Especially on Android phones which currently has dominated the smartphone gadget world.

Applications for Android-based smartphones given to logout account feature, so that users feel comfortable as other social networking applications have features, such as Facebook, Twitter, and others.

I wonder what makes them do not provide logout feature to the application, if we look at the application in the smartphone / mobile phone with the Blackberry brand, it is very reasonable, because the phone has been determined to have a certain BBM PIN. So one hp to only one account. Whereas if the application applied on Android, should its should be wider, especially feature to logout, because the android smartphone different from the blackberry, through android we can be free to enter with multiple accounts, and I think the features logout must exist in the application of Android , Maybe this can be a bit of criticism for the blackberry in order to better understand what users desire.

But above it all does not matter, because the article below I will give you a simple tutorial guide that will help you in removing the problem of accounts for android. More please follow the steps below.

Easy Ways To logout from BBM on Android

1. First please go to the Settings menu.

2. In the General tab, select Application manager.

3. Look for BBM, if you have found the tap to open the app info.

4. Now all information has BBM open applications. Tap the Delete Data,

5. You will see a warning Clear data applications?
"All data stored by this application will be deleted permanently. This includes all files, settings, accounts, databases, etc., even your login details as well.
Choose OK.

5. Now when you will re-open the BBM application, then your account will go out and will ask you to login again.

Done! By way as I pointed out above, you have successfully logged out or remove the account, this way you can login (sign) using your other account. Easy right? May be useful..
If you experience problems when trying to sign-in to BBM with your BlackBerry ID, you can find Solutions to Overcome Forgot Password ID BBM (BlackBerry Messenger) here.


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