Tips for Choosing Hosting Quality

Hosting is a place to store all the data of a blog or website ranging from pictures, articles, templates, and more. Hosting basically there are free and some are paid, known as (self-hosting), for free hosting provided by many hosting providers at the same time free domain name like Blogger, WordPress ( and many more.

How the amount of space (quota) hosting is provided by the free hosting providers? the answer varies. provide free space is also different, for general WordPress hosting is provided free of charge at 3072 MB but for Wordpress campus or better known as the Student Blogs are only provided space of 400 MB. As for the quota Blogspot hosting is provided is not limited.

Advantages and Disadvantages Free Hosting

Because the user free hosting shall be subject to the rules set forth by the hosting provider. If at any time the deletion occurred blog / website by the provider for violating the rules of the owners will not be able to sue. Are these events will occur or has occurred, the answer is definitely it, one example I have discussed in previous articles is a free blog from removed by Google (blogger) and no explanation is related to the elimination of the blog.

Because free is certainly not necessary to hire a hosting fee that must be paid each month or year. Cost to rent hosting is basically also not cheap, and to buy hosting abroad is also quite a bit troublesome for who never bought previously.

Hosting Quality

Back to the topic of discussion, or paid hosting good quality in my opinion the standard is not often experience down or repair, why this is important because if the hosting server is down certain website or blog will not be accessible and will certainly affect on the blog visitors will end affect SEO blog. One other important criteria is the contact support (customer service) hosting provider can be contacted at any time if there is a problem that afflicts our blog as a blog blank and can not be accessed at all.

Other criteria are also important because it concerns the price to be paid is the price of the hosting itself is not too expensive but space or quota provided quite large. And other criteria are also important is a feature provided by the hosting Cpanel is quite complete as MySQL, etc., it is very important due to the content of a website will be fully stored in the hosting and with full features will make it easier to backup all data in our blog have if a problem occurs.

Hosting Affairs or the Interior
You could say most of the hosting that is sold in Indonesia is a reseller of hosting overseas. This means that the price will be different with the quota was also reduced. It is perfectly natural for a business course to take profits. To obtain domestic hosting easier because just pay a local bank to Indonesia. Instead of hosting overseas to get a little bit of trouble because the payment system is not yet common in Indonesia is by credit card or Paypal.

Another common obstacle if it occurs down the website by hosting overseas (USA) we have to communicate with the British for assistance discussed hosting provider, due to the time difference or working hours in Indonesia and in the American service is a bit slow.

For I myself since the beginning has a website with self-hosting never buy hosting from within the country. Once again great for hosting quality assurance overseas is not always true, self hosting the first time that I bought from overseas and only last for six months after it was down and could not be accessed at all and the severity of the company is not liable to provide a data base hosting to the customer. Long story short the company is already insolvent.

Recommended Hosting
For you beginners who want to try using a self-hosting the websites target market is Indonesian reader, can choose the hosting country. Problem website down is very likely we will experience quite contacts via SMS or telephone problems quickly overcome. However, if the target market or overseas readers are able to use the services of the website providers abroad (USA).

For hosting service providers in the country are very numerous, and can search in Google. For hosting service providers abroad I recommend to use the hosting of Hawkhost, Bluehost or Godaddy, three hosting providers and this domain has proved successful both in customer service 24 hours and rarely experienced down.


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