How to Take Screenshot in Blackberry Z10 Without Additional Applications

For users of BBM version of Android, iOS are not necessarily familiar with the Blackberry Z10, fuel Chanel has often advertise Jakarta edition Z10 approximately three bullae ago. For Blackberry users Z10 here we provide a tutorial on how to Snap Screenshot Capture in Z10 without additional applications.

Blackberry previous edition requires an additional application for poses screenshot although in the screenshot process no watermark. one of the applications that are not included watermarks to screenshots Blackbery is Screen Grabber. To get this application please download and install from the App World Blackerry. For the latest edition of Blackberry BlackBerry OS 10.3 Screenshot process no longer need to use additional applications that must be downloaded first.

Screenshot for Blackberry Z10 process you simply press two physical buttons found in the Z10 series, two buttons in question here is the volume button up or up and down volume buttons or down. Both buttons are located on the left side of the screen Blackberry Z10. See the image above for more details.

 Screenshot for Blackberry Z10 process is as follows:

  1. Select the object image to be we Screenshot or capture
  2. Press the volume Up and Volume Down simultaneously, press approximately 1-2 seconds wait until the results sound Capture
  3. Screenshot process is completed

Screenshot image or capture of existing Blackberry Z10 Screenshot album. Search on your Blackberry Z10 Media menu, then select Picture from  album.

The fundamental difference from the screenshot Blackberry with Android there are no flashes on the screen is also the result of a shrinking screenshot images on the screen. So successful and its results in the screenshot Blackberry Z10 only by the sound produced.

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