How To Change Password Wifi TP Link Router Hotspot Speedy

For business owners cafe or cafe, or any business that offers free internet wi-fi for your customers certainly very frequently changing passwords speedy wifi at your place of business it is certainly to prevent the free wifi users who are not your customers take advantage of free wifi.

User restrictions only to your customers needs to be done of course to maintain the quality of the speed of Wi-Fi that you offer, the more users would be more sluggish speed wifi access.

For customers speedy personal or just use the services of speedy change the wifi password might be a little bit confusing, but do not worry because tutorial will discuss it, the following explanation is continued.

The first step to open the browser you have, may Chrome, Firefox or another, in this tutorial we use Chrome browser. Type the number in Chrome and then press enter on your keyboard after it will display a menu of authentication required, the contents of a user name with the words: temporary admin password admin fill also with writing and then press the button labeled Log In.

After entering select Interface Setup menu then select Wireless, slide the cursor down until you find the column WPA2-PSK or Wireless Security, the Pre-Share Key column this speedy wifi password you can be replaced, after you replace the slide again down cursor and press the Save button. Speedy password replacement process you succeed.

If you're having trouble getting into the setting menu or the browser loading old at the time of entry into the URL do the following. Close them all your browser, restart the PC / laptop, turn off your speedy modem anyway. after the PC / Laptop to the position on speedy restart your modem, then reopen the browser re-type into your browser. Good luck good luck


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