Deleting a Short Message in BBM with Timed Messages

Blackberry BBM recently updated the latest version is which in this latest version has additional facilities that attract namely BBM messages we send our friend BBM contacts can be deleted automatically, this application called Timed Messages.

True to its name in the BBM application works by using a timer or a certain time to be read by the recipient of fuel and when the time is already in the setting automatically discharged BBM messages will be deleted. Until now, these applications can be used to send text messages, picture messages. 

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 To use Timed Messages application you must first update the BBM Android, iOS, Windows Phone, BB 10 version to the latest version or To run this application BBM message recipient must also have this application if it is not then the message will not Timed Messages also can be sent. 

To use Timed Messages application is also a simple way, the same as when you send a message of fuel into the fuel menu, enter the words you want to send a message, if at the time you are going to send the message automatically or friends who are not yet using the application Timed messages will be detected automatically, for example the picture in the picture above. If your friend already has this facility, then the message you send can be set by pressing the time / timer in the message field. Setting time according to your time subsequently send the message.

At the time a friend open the BBM message then the message will be erased in accordance with the setting of a time you specify. Quite interesting if you want to send a confidential message only you and your friends BBM message recipient who knows the contents of the message.

I congratulate try this application, if there any questions please leave a comment.


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