How To Eliminate Spam Ads Appear in Browser and Hosting Blog

At the time of opening the paid hosting or free hosting or when opening your browser may never experience a side bar ads on the top, bottom, left, right or laptop PC screen, usually in the form of image GIF image or flash which is very disturbing your comfort. How this ad can appear and what causes we will discuss in this tutorial.

Without realizing it at the time we download files to the computer, especially when the software file that some additional script intentionally inserted into a file downloader. Scrip in the form of advertising that is indirectly participate while we installing the software as the main or primary file. This scrip works when you are in line with the state will automatically bring up the image ads when you open the browser, hosting blogspot, wordpress hosting sites that redirect to spam advertising.

How to cope with spam advertising can be done in two ways

1. Go to the menu install the program on your windows; looking control panel, programs, uninstall a programs. Noteworthy here is the day and the date when you download software or programs to your computer. Search software you do not recognize or that you think never useless. If you have found uninstall or remove software or program.
2. Go to the settings menu or settings on your browser. Google chrome to enter the extension, delete or remove applications that you do not need and you do not recognize. see example image below
As a precaution make sure your PC is already installed antivirus. Try not to download software to your PC or if the download get on a trusted site or the official website. Similarly, it may be useful tutorial.


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