How To Download And Install BBM for Android Tablet Apps

The year 2011 is the era of the emergence of Android-based tablets especially. Various car company released version tablet device with the advantages of each. But Did you know what the difference Table with a Smartphone? Pretty hard indeed to distinguish, according Representative Acer, S. Rajendram, call tablet is a mobile device for entertainment. Tablets are basically used for multimedia, internet browsing and other things that are more comfortable than done with a wide touchscreen smartphone with a smaller screen. So simple now tablet is a mobile device with a touchscreen display and has a display that is wider than a smartphone.

The tablet market is sold with two types of tablets that can serve as a smartphone means that can be used to receive and make phone calls, SMS, MMS or function properly telephone, known as the Tablet Wi-Fi + 3G and a tablet that can not be used to perform the functions as phone like a smartphone or tablet do known as Wi-Fi.

So far the blackberry messenger / Fuel Tablet version has not been officially released by the fuel for the Tablet version of Wi-Fi + 3G, but for the Wi-Fi version can be downloaded several already authorized in Playstore. For owners of the Tablet Wi-Fi + 3G can not download and install the following, we give tutorial now.

    The first step BBM Android application download, go to select according to BBM version you want, download  from your Android Tablet. If the trouble can download direct download link that I provided, for application download link BBM version 2.1 to the latest version please download here.

    Once the download is complete Install applications, usually setting the fox tablet before will not be able to receive direct install applications apart from Playstore, for the first change setting you to go into the Settings menu, then select Security, search menu morbidly unknown source in the column Allow installation of applications from sources other than the Play Store tick.

After the install process is complete, go to the application of fuel, here there are two options to log in with an account that is new or old account. If you already have an account, please log long with your old email account. If you want to know how to move from the old account to the BBM BBM Android version or vice versa in terms of excess check here.

    After installation is complete. BBM version of Android tablet you can already use.
BBM version of Android is tested on the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 (8.0 ") or Wi-Fi + 3G. For example Wi-Fi tablet that has been tested and can be downloaded directly from the Play Store is a model Movimax P16 series. Version Android Tablet This also can not be updated automatically as in the Play Store, to update these App downloaded must be reset from the latest version.


Download BBM or applications, songs, or files that are not available in play stores special in Android Tablet is slightly different way, for newly purchased or using Tablet might be a little bit confused. Because of the many questions that can not be downloaded application in Tablet .


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