Converting File From MS Word to PDF Easily and Quickly

This tutorial will explain how to Converting File From MS Word to PDF Easily and Quickly the latest 2016. This method is the easiest way that I often use when I want to keep my Word document to PDF file (Save as PDF or XPS). Why do I say this is the easiest way? as a way to make this a PDF file without using a software application or word to pdf converter.

However, there are still many people who are still confused and do not even know this way. So I as an admin will share a tutorial to convert files to pdf Microsoft office word by using the Add this from Microsoft.

Microsoft is a great company that makes Microsoft office, where these products really help us in business data processing. It seems highly prioritizes ease Microsoft office users who want to save a word file to pdf by providing Add this are devoted to storing into pdf format.

Add this but unfortunately this does not exist on Microsoft Office CD installer and you have to first download the official website of Microsoft. Feel free to download the Add-in Save As PDF or XPS via the link below:

After downloading the add-in, installed on your computer, after Add is successfully installed on your computer, follow these guidelines for storing word to pdf.

1. Prepare a Word document files to create a new document or open the document you were already on your computer.

2. Then save your PDF files by selecting the menu at the top left Office

3. then select Save US> PDF or XPS.

4. Choose your storage location.

5. When finished selecting file storage, click Publish. And pdf files already appeared on the storage location you choose.

6. Open the pdf file to see the results of the storage word to pdf you did.

7. Done!

Well, what about my friend, it is very easy and simple. Add this conclusion is make sure the Save As PDF or XPS must be installed on your computer. If it has been fulfilled then it is very easy for you to save files to pdf format. That tutorial change ms word to pdf file very easily by using the Add-in Microsoft. Hopefully this article useful to you in need. For those of you who want to change the PDF file to Word, Excel or even Image please see the tutorial here: How to transform (convert) PDF files to MS Office Word, Excel, and Fig complete and easy.


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