{Android Apk} Download Latest BBM Mod Transparent and How to Use It

Download Latest BBM Mod Transparent and How to Use It - It is common knowledge that BlackBerry Messenger aka BBM application is one of the most popular instant messengers today. BBM application is now used by hundreds of millions of active users worldwide.

The popularity of BBM is not separated from the many features and facilities provided. BlackBerry parties themselves continue to deliver new features through regular updates. For example is the BBM voice feature. The feature is a new feature that is very useful for users of BBM.

However on this occasion, Digi Logi Blog would not be talking about the features of BBM, but BBM type mod one of the most popular today. Yes, especially if not BBM mod transparent. For you who like tooling kit HP Android, must have been familiar with the name BBM Transparent.

For you who do not know, transparent BBM is a modification of the application of BBM that is actually the same function as the application of BBM in general. What distinguishes it is transparent BBM has a transparent display, just like the wallpaper in the HP Android.

For example, when you put a picture as wallpaper HP girlfriend. When you open the application of BBM, a girlfriend that you attach photos that you want can be seen clearly. Based on available statistics on the Google Play Store, Transparent BBM app has been downloaded more than 10 thousand users of Android.

It is proved that the transparent application of BBM is very popular, especially in Indonesia. For you who still do not have the BBM application transparent, can download the newest version via the link below.

Download Latest BBM Mod Transparent 

Download the application of BBM Transparent

How to use the transparent application of BBM is the same as using regular BBM applications. Once you have downloaded earlier, you can just install. Once the install is complete, go directly to the application of BBM and do this sign with BB ID account you have.

Oh yes, just the information that you want to install the application when the BBM Transparent earlier, you have to remove the existing official BBM app on your Android smartphone. But if you want to run both, you need to download the version of BBM transparent clone.

Download BBM application Transparent Clone

Now, with the application of BBM Transparent Clone earlier, you do not need to remove the official BBM app that already exists on the smartphone when trying to install a new BBM transparent. So you will have two BBM app on a smartphone.

But remember that you must sign in using two different accounts on each of these applications. Do not let you sign in on the two applications using the same account. Okay so the information we can say, may be useful and good-bye.


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