How To Remove Labels From Blogger posts

In this tutorial I'm gonna talk about two methods of getting rid of labels from your own blog site. Initial technique is concealing your labels, but not delete. Plus the second technique is deleting/removing labels from your own weblog permanently. So lets start with how to hide your label from your own weblog. Please review via article carefully.

Numerous bloggers might find labels below posts (or post brands) unnecessary, provided that they've been already within the blog site's sidebar. Therefore, this guide will reveal how exactly to take them of manually from the Template's HTML. To full cover up labels from the blogger post footer (or below post subject), we could just uncheck the "Labels" alternative; but, this trick may not work correctly in certain custom themes.

 Steps To Remove Labels From Blogger posts

1. Login to blogger > Templete > Edit HTML

2. Click CTRL + F key and Find


3. Paste the below code just above Step 2 code

.post-labels {
display: none;

4. Click save button and you are done with label hiding procedure.


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