How To Convert Youtube Videos to MP3 Format Without Application

According to the rules set by YouTube, Converting or changing the format of video files to MP3 format is an illegal act, a song uploaded on YouTube primarily from verified sources like Vevo has copyright protected by law.

There are various ways to purchase a song either by buying on iTunes, SoundCloud and many more, but unfortunately these payment systems are less familiar with the methods of payment, especially for the people of other countries where it takes credit card or PayPal. The only solution is the easiest way to download a song in the song provider sites, both domestic sites and overseas sites.

There are plenty of music download sites now, most of the site is always updated, but sometimes also not always complete accordance with what we want. As a new album of a singers have updated the song of the idol, of course a natural thing we do, One of the possible solutions is to convert songs from YouTube to MP3 format. As described previously as convert songs from YouTube is an illegal act that is to say if you who want to change the YouTube video in MP3 format only for private purposes refer to descriptions in this tutorial.

To convert songs from YouTube can be done in two ways, directly from a PC or laptop, or it could be from smart phone you have. The second way is relatively similar but slightly different.

How To Convert YouTube Videos to MP3 format with a PC or Laptop

1. Select the songs you want to convert in Google, or directly to YouTube. Copy the URL link of the video being played.

2. The next step is Go to listen to, and paste the URL that you have copied from Youtube.

3. On the Conversion menu complete. Your file is being prepared for download, just click on the menu CLICK Here to get your download link.

 4. Converting process begins with the advent Link Checking, after MP3 Download menu appears, click it. until the file is downloaded on your PC or laptop.

If the downloading process fails, or does not appear repeat the same process as the above.

How To Convert YouTube Videos to MP3 format with Smartphone

How to convert YouTube video to MP3 format with relatively similar from PC or laptop, is to go to sites that convert, but for smartphones or mobile phones to get the URL is of course a different way.

Find the song you want to download in the Google search engine from your Smartphone, after the search opens the video, but do not open the YouTube with applications on your smartphone, open in internet browser Chrome to get the URL. Copy and paste the URL of the YouTube link to

For More details on How To Convert YouTube Videos to MP3 format with a Smartphone can be viewed here. If you experience difficulties, please leave a comment.


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